Round box with cover - Small

In recycled tyres with lid - Ø 13 cm - H. 13 cm

Vietnamese artisans offer a second life to the tire with a very precise manual work. They demonstrate the talent of recovery in a context of scarce resources, where all material is used, challenging ingenuity.

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18,90 €

Leaf removal, cutting and sewing revisit the tire decorative object!

A traditional know-how of cutting the tire in layers and sewing it making each item unique. From the living room to the fireplace or the garden, those items of peculiar texture easily roll from one place to another. Depending on the situation they can be turned into flower pots, or you can store logs, toys, magazines or fabrics… and those tires will reborn. Easily transportable, rot-proof, they ally a high aesthetic quality to a great practicality.

  • Size Ø 13 cm - H. 13 cm
  • Weight 12 oz
  • Color Black
  • Material Recycled tired